Gary Kramer

A founding partner of WITS, as well as the Artistic Director of the National Comedy Theatre in New York City and San Diego, Gary has presented workshops for companies such as Nike, Bayer, JP Morgan Chase, Nextel, Blue Shield, Home Depot, and dozens more. As a performer, he has appeared in over 4000 shows, including performances for almost every major corporation in the U.S., including AT&T, Allstate, Hewlett Packard, Pacific Bell and Kinko's. Gary has also toured internationally for the Armed Forces, performing in places such as Iraq, Kuwait, Egypt, Bahrain, Turkey, Greece, Djibouti, Dubai, Qatar, Italy, Spain and Utah.

Les McGehee

Les is a working comedian, trainer, businessman, improv instructor, and author. Les has entertained and trained more than 500,000 happier people throughout the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean. He owns the The National Comedy Theatre of Austin and San Antonio, Texas, a state-certified training school, and the largest comedy training program in the Southwest. He is a founding faculty member of the Humor University. Les has been featured on ABC TV, The Fox Family Network, PBS, and has produced for network television. He is a sought-after author of scripts, customized shows, and business articles.

J.T. Arbogast

J.T. is a Los Angeles-based actor and producer. Prior to arriving in Los Angeles, J.T. spent four years as the Associate Director of the critically acclaimed National Comedy Theatre in New York, of which he was also an original cast member. He has facilitated numerous team building workshops for companies such as UTi, British Petroleum, Auger Inc., and GE. As an actor, J.T. has been seen on the stage, in New York and in regional theaters across the country, as well as on screens both large and small. J.T. holds a B.A. from Penn State University and a Masters from the University of Texas at Austin.

Zach Stones

Since 2003 Zach has facilitated over sixty teambuilding programs for groups throughout Southern California in corporate, therapeutic, and educational settings. In addition to providing workshops for companies such as Sempra Utilities, Home Depot and Chapman University, Zach is the Associate Director of the San Diego National Comedy Theatre.

Jamie Fox

Jamie is the Director of the National Comedy Theatre in San Diego, and has been performing with the company since 1999. She has facilitated dozens of team building programs including Nokia, Home Depot, Navy Housing and many more. Previously, Jamie was a lecturer at San Diego State University in the Department of Rhetoric and Writing Studies for 10 years. In addition to her teaching and directing duties, Jamie also finds the time to be the Chief of Staff for a San Diego City Council member.

Jeff Lepine

Jeff has been teaching and performing improv for a little over 10 years. He has taught Corporate Team Building workshops for State Farm Insurance, Chevron, Frito Lay, California Arts Council and ESPN. As an actor you can see Jeff on stage at the National Comedy Theatre New York or on your tv hawking hamburgers or making out with his car. Jeff is also Canadian which gives him an uncanny knowledge of hockey.

Pat Battistini

Pat has presented Corporate Team Building workshops for Carnival, Arvida, Merrill Lynch, Marriott, The Sports Authority and others. He has facilitated everything to improv games to sketch comedy catered to the specific desires of the companies. In addition to his work in the U.S. Pat has performed and presented workshops in the Bahamas, St. Lucia, Thailand, Japan and Tahiti.

Jen Oleniczak

Jen is a New York-based educator and performer. Aside from performing with the National Comedy Theatre in New York, Jen trains museum educators and teachers in improv as well as working with at-risk teens and people on the spectrum. She’s facilitated teambuilding workshops for companies such as Bloomberg, Hellerman Baretz Communications, Advandx, and Janssen Pharmaseutical. As an educator, she is on staff at Columbia University and the Guggenheim Museum.

Don Waisanen

Don is a professor at Baruch College, City University of New York, where he teaches courses and workshops in communication, including executive speech training, media and campaign strategy, and seminars on leadership, improvisation, and humor. Don has been a performer in Los Angeles and New York for nearly two decades, and is a cast member of the National Comedy Theater in New York City. He writes for The Huffington Post and received a Ph.D. in Communication from the University of Southern California.

Mike Eserkaln

Mike has been teaching and performing improvisation for nearly 3 decades. Currently, Mike is the Owner and Artistic Director of ComedyCity Green Bay. He’s performed with Armed Forces Entertainment in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Djibouti and surrounding countries. Mike has organized and led team building workshops for numerous, local companies as well as major companies like, MegTec, Schneider National, and Associated Bank, even the Green Bay Packers. As a playrwrite, he has written many plays that have been produced in Green Bay, Chicago, Atlanta, British Columbia, and Perth, Australia.


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